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Avery Clear vinyl - MPI 3041
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MPI 3041 is a transparent gloss monomeric calendered vinyl with a removable adhesive. It is suitable for use on a variety of super wide format inkjet and airbrush printers using solvent ink.Because of the film‘s excellent removable adhesive, Avery MPI 3041 is recommended for a wide range of short term promotional applications on flat substrates.

Ideal for Solvent & Eco solvent printing even compatible with HP Latex.


Excellent printability and handling on selected printers.

Easy and clean removal (up to 1 year).

Easy cutting and application.

Excellent price/performance ratio for outdoor promotional graphics.


Window Graphics (dry application recommended).

Fleet and bus advertising.

Short term in- and outdoor advertising.

Posters, panels and signs at exhibitions.

Vehicle decorations and advertising.

Point of sale promotions.

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