Avery Color Films Translucent
Avery Flat Surface - MPI 3000 / MPI 3001
Avery Clear vinyl - MPI 3041
Avery Color Films Opaque
Avery Color Films Translucent
Avery Accessories
Supreme Wrapping Film
AVERY MPI 2804 EA / DOL 2800
Avery MPI 3151 Translucent Film Printable
Avery Wall Film
Avery 3001 / 3021 HOP
Avery SPF (Protection Film)

Avery Translucent Films have been especially designed for sign cutting. Films offer excellent conversion using computerized sign cutting, hand cutting or die cutting.


Excellent colour uniformity in reflected an transmitted light.

Excellent adhesion on a wide variety of substrates.

Excellent color fastness.

Excellent dimensional stability.


Graphics for internally illuminated signs on both rigid and flexible substrates.

Window graphics and retail signage.

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