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Supreme Wrapping Film
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For a wrapping film that combines performance, versatility and convenience, look no further than Avery Supreme Wrapping Film from Avery Dennison. This dual-layer fi lm combines colour and clear protective layers, providing a smooth, paint-like fi nish that’s both durable and dazzling. What’s more, with 33 colour options, Avery Supreme Wrapping Film offers more choices than ever before.

This enhanced film technology ensures excellent conformability, and adheres well to deep recesses. Avery Supreme Wrapping Film is now available in rolls 1.52M wide, which allows large panels to be covered with just one piece of material, with no seams, for faster application and a higher-quality result.

Incorporating Avery Easy Apply™ RS adhesive technology, Avery Supreme Wrapping Film provides fi lm repositionability and slideability, saving valuable installation time. Inspired Brands. Intelligent World.TM

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